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Hello from us.

We thought you might like to put some faces to names. At least that way you can be sure you're dealing with a human being*.

Our client advisors have over 30 years' experience between them. What they don't know about professional insurance isn't worth knowing.

Sounds special doesn't it? It is, and it means that you get easy access to an expert that understands what you do, and can advise on how best to tackle the risks associated with it. Handy, eh?

* To the best of our knowledge.

Theresa Reardon, Esq

Vice President - Managing Producer

As Managing Producer here at InsuranceBee, I'm lucky enough to be in charge of an exceptional team of advisors.

Although I'm always around to provide background support and motivation, I'm often on the front line myself, making sure our clients get the best coverage at the right price. More...

When I'm not here making sure things run smoothly, I'm at home doing exactly the same thing! Just like at work, everyone (including the dog) has their job to do – the difference is at home I have to make sure they remember to do it.

My direct line: 978.344.4223
My email:

Theresa Reardon

Maureen Brogie

Client Advisor

With teenage twins, my personal world has to be organized and detailed. These skills extend to my InsuranceBee world, where I work behind-the-scenes with our Client Advisors to provide fast quotes and manage the policies we provide.

My direct line: 978.344.4225
My email:

Maureen Brogie

Christina Moriarty

Client Advisor

If business is all about people, that's just fine with me.

Previous experience working in accounting and HR has given me the skills I need to do what I do best, and do what I love most – helping people out. And my role as Client Advisor at InsuranceBee means I get to do that every day.

The theme continues at home where I spend the majority of my time running around after my family. That's OK too though because there's nothing I like more than spending a Sunday afternoon playing with the kids.

My direct line: 978.344.4228
My email:

Christina Moriarty

Kim Silkes

Finance Advisor

My role at InsuranceBee is to make sure that the financial side of things runs smoothly. My strengths are paying close attention to detail, especially with numbers, problem solving, as well as thinking quickly; I love to be kept busy both at work and home.

When I'm not working, I love to spend time outdoors with my kids, especially watching them play soccer. I also enjoy volunteering my time with various nonprofit organizations.

My direct line: 978 344 4227
My email:

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Theresa Reardon - our resident insurance expert

For advice, a quote or just a quick question, feel free to call me.

I'm Theresa, our resident insurance expert.

My direct line is: 978 344 4223.
Call me or request a quote and I'll call you back.