How do I set my badge up?

1. Choose the look


Transparent badge, solid black ‘tick’. Best avoided if your website has a black or dark-grey background.


Solid orange badge, solid orange ‘tick’. Not great for websites with a green background.


Solid, dark-grey badge and solid, dark-grey 'tick'. Works well with lighter backgrounds.


Solid white badge, solid white ‘tick’. Great for dark backgrounds.


2. Copy this HTML code

If you edit your own website, add the HTML at the appropriate point. If someone else does it for you, you'll need to copy it and send it to them.

3. That's it

If you get stuck, please feel free to email our technical hero Mark at

Terms and Conditions

The web badge is available to customers with professional liability, general liability and workers' compensation insurance only (or a valid combination of these).
In the event a client of yours contacts us for more information about your insurance, we will not disclose any further information to them without your prior written permission.
We reserve the right to withdraw your use of the web badge if either we or you cancel your policy.
It is your responsibility to remove the web badge if your policy is cancelled. Please be aware that retaining the web badge without a valid policy in place does not mean that you're still insured and, if a claim is made against you, it will not be covered.


Please note that InsuranceBee accepts no responsibility for any technical, aesthetic or usability issues with your website following installation of the badge. By installing the badge, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of use (as above). The badge is not intended to replace your policy documents and you should retain copies of your schedule and certificate(s) for reference.

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