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Fast and friendly

Mrs Koors. 01-16-2021

Incredible experience. A great company and customer service!

Mr Watts. 01-16-2021

Staff was Knowledgeable and great respond time with status, feedback on my policy request .

Anon. 01-13-2021


well designed, simple website, quoting & buying processes

Mr Berger. 01-12-2021

The process was so easy and straight forward on how to fill out. I tried with other companies and the quote information took days where InsuranceBee was on the spot!

Mr Macy. 01-11-2021

They were knowledgeable and quickly found me what at wanted at a good price.

OneNyse Guy. 01-10-2021

quick and professional

Mr brooks. 01-10-2021

Great coverage for my business.

Ms Sinclair. 01-07-2021

Process was straight forward, not too many excessive questions and immediate quote.

Anon. 01-03-2021

I appreciated the Speedy quote, service, and all docs were received minutes after the took my payment.

Anon. 01-03-2021

Getting insured was fast and easy once I spoke with a rep.

Anon. 12-27-2020

Yes I would recommend and or buy from them again

Mr Brown. 12-21-2020

I wanted a $50,000 policy, but the system did not tell me their lowest is $250,000 until after I purchased and got my certificate. I had to call for an explanation.

Anon. 12-20-2020

Good service... helpful representative and easy process

Anon. 12-18-2020

My insurance purchase process was simple, easy and all documents received within 30-45 minutes!

Ms Wells. 12-17-2020

I was able to find a low affordable rate for E&O insurance!

Ms Peterson. 12-12-2020

Simple, Spontaneous, complete and fast

Anon. 12-10-2020

all was easy

Mr white. 12-09-2020