Errors and omissions insurance for claims adjusters

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Claims adjusters' insurance

Coverage for the clued-up

It’s in the job title. As a claims adjuster you adjust. Because no two claims are ever exactly the same, are they?

Up against a deadline, you do your detective work. That means digging below the surface and into the details. But even the best investigator sometimes makes mistakes.

  • Why do claims adjusters need errors and omissions insurance?

    Say someone you think was faking a back injury turns out to need surgery after all? If they sue your client for a larger settlement, you could end up on the receiving end of a suit yourself. And how will you adjust to that?

    If you have errors and omissions insurance (E&O) you won’t have to. Your coverage provides for your legal defense and damages too, if you’re liable.

    Worth having? You don’t have to be a detective to figure it out.

  • What does our E&O insurance for claims adjusters cover?

    • Errors and omissions – whether actual, alleged, or in the past
    • Claims and damages – if you’re found liable
    • Hiring an attorney – if you need one
    • Defense costs
    • Worldwide claims – as long as they’re filed in the U.S., a U.S. Territory, or Canada.
  • What other coverage do claims adjusters need?

    E&O insurance doesn’t cover everything. It can’t protect you from a lawsuit for physical injury to a third party, for instance.

    General liability insurance can. It covers damage to property and injury to people. Say a client drops by your office, trips over a loose cable, breaks a bone and sues you. Your coverage can pay for medical bills, legal fees and damages. So you don’t have to.

    Business personal property (BPP) – covers the mobile devices you use to run your business, like your cell and laptop, when you’re out and about. And the moveable equipment in your office – from your furniture to your potted plants. Even if you work from home.

    Workers’ compensation insurance – is a legal requirement, even if you employ just one person. It protects your business from the cost of workplace injuries to your staff. And can also protect you from a lawsuit, no matter who’s at fault.

    Cyber liability insurance – because small businesses like yours, are soft targets for hackers. Cyber insurance can’t stop an attack. But because it can pay for your recovery costs, it means your business will survive one.

    Your insurance needs are as unique as your business. We get this. So we’ll build a package to suit you. In just a few minutes.

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