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Legal practice. Doesn’t always make perfect, does it?

If a client’s unhappy with the outcome of their case, and it’s cost them, it’s all too easy to pick holes in your performance. And if anyone knows the damage a serious claim can do, it’s you.

But you can’t negotiate yourself out of that one. So, when it’s your reputation on trial, you want lawyers’ professional liability insurance. Legal malpractice insurance, by another name.

It’s your best defense.

  • Why do lawyers need professional liability insurance?

    You’re charged with giving your clients professional counsel. Which means you can be charged with professional negligence.

    Make a mistake, or, leave something out, and you could be the one facing a claim. And without insurance, you know exactly what that could cost you.

    Even if the claim’s groundless, professional liability insurance can cover your legal defense bills. And if you’re liable, it can take care of the compensation, too.

    Worth it then? You be the judge.

  • What does your legal malpractice insurance cover?

    • Errors and omissions – whether actual, alleged, or in the past
    • Claims and compensation (if you’re liable)
    • Defense costs, including hiring an attorney, if you need one
    • Worldwide claims – as long as they’re filed in the U.S., a U.S. Territory, or Canada.

We can build coverage to fit your particular business needs. In minutes.

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