Handyman insurance

A quick fix

Leave a minor fix now, you'll have a major one later. You're always telling your clients this.

So how about taking your own advice?

  • Why do handyworkers need general liability insurance?

    Because your line of work comes with built-in risks. If a client trips over one of your tools and is hurt, or a disgruntled homeowner decides you've damaged their property, you could find yourself on the sharp end of a suit. Ouch.

    Luckily, there's a quick, easy way to make sure your business is protected: handyman liability insurance. And all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to arrange.

    Then, if you find yourself in a fix – whether it's your fault or not – you'll get a lawyer, legal costs and compensation, if necessary.

    Why leave it till later? Put your own house in order now. Then you can get on with looking after everyone else's.

  • What does handyman general liability insurance cover?

    Bodily injury – a client trips over your power cable while you're working at their house, breaking their arm. Your coverage can pay their medical expenses.

    Property damage – you're replacing internal doors at your customer's home and drop one, smashing a collection of antique figurines. Your coverage can pay for repairs or replacement.

    Personal injury – you're overheard making some snide remark about a difficult customer. They sue you for slander. Your coverage can pay for an attorney to defend you and compensation - if you're found liable.

  • How much does handyman insurance cost?

    Our general liability insurance policies start at $42 a month. But you can pay quarterly, or annually – the choice is yours. Your budget – your way.

    And because we understand every handyworker's business is different, we'll tailor your policy to suit your particular needs.

    As for the amount of cover. It's always best to over-estimate. Think worst-case scenario and pick a figure you can realistically afford.

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