General liability insurance for insurance agents and brokers

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Insurers need insurance too

No one knows the power of a policy better than you. That's why you don't panic when one of your agents posts a libelous comment about a certain CEO on LinkedIn. Or when his inappropriate comment escalates into an all-out brawl in the conference room.

Where on Earth are you finding these insurance agents?

Here's the thing: a general liability policy protects your business from significant financial loss. You know this. You're in the business. Things happen. People do and say bad things. And sometimes, it's not you; it's them. But you still need to protect yourself and your company from the unexpected.

Ensure your agents they'll be insured. Then you can rest assured that you're covered.

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General liability insurance made easy

  • Buy online or over the phone - saving you time.
  • From as little as $500 – saving you money.
  • Customized to your profession – coverage as unique as your business.
  • Helpful advisors – advice you need when you need it.
  • High quality Hiscox coverage – rock-solid security and world-class reputation.
  • Four-payment option – your budget, your way.
  • Free additional insureds – show you're professional and reliable.

What is general liability insurance?

  • It's protection for your business against the cost of any claims made by a client for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury.
  • It's what you need if you often visit clients' place of work or home.
  • You'll also need it if you work from home and have client's over, or if you use third party locations for business activities.

What am I covered for?

  • Bodily injury - a client takes a fall in your office making you legally liable for their injury.
  • Property damage - you drop a cup of coffee on your clients' laptop, causing irreparable damage.
  • Personal injury - you're overheard talking about a client with a shop owner in a false or unflattering way. The client finds out and sues you for slander.

Loss or damage to your own property or property in your care, custody and control is not covered by this policy.

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