General liability insurance for safety consultants

Shielding you from the dangers of staying safe

Checking offices, schools, warehouses and other workplaces to determine compliance with federal, state and local safety codes is a painstaking process. You must proceed carefully and with caution. But don't think that means you'll be safe at all times. Accidents happen when you least expect them.

Unintentional errors like knocking over machinery or breaking a stained glass window may leave your client no choice but to sue. That's a very big problem if you haven't got a policy to keep you safe.

General liability insurance keeps you out of harm's way by paying your attorney's fees regardless of fault. It also covers medical costs for bodily injury and property damage from fires.

You've made a career of making others feel safe. Isn't it time you did the same for yourself and your employees?

General liability insurance made easy

  • Buy online or over the phone - saving you time.
  • From as little as $500 – saving you money.
  • Customized to your profession – coverage as unique as your business.
  • Helpful advisors – advice you need when you need it.
  • High quality Hiscox coverage – rock-solid security and world-class reputation.
  • Quarterly payment option – your budget, your way.
  • Free additional insureds – show you're professional and reliable.

Who is general liability insurance for?

You should consider general liability insurance if you or your employees:

  • Visit a client's place of work or home, or clients visit yours
  • Have access to a client's equipment
  • Use third-party locations for any business related activities

Why do you need general liability insurance?

You should consider general liability insurance because:

  • General liability claims are notoriously expensive
  • It safeguards your business
  • It satisfies contractual requirements
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