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General liability insurance for safety consultants

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General liability insurance for safety consultants

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Insurance for safety consultants

Safety is your business. But how safe is your consultancy from the cost of claims?

Accidents happen – often when you least expect them. Knock over machinery, break a stained-glass window, and your client could sue.

Now that’s a big problem without a policy to keep your business out of harm’s way. Because claims like that can cost a lot. You’re looking at medical bills, legal fees and compensation, too, if it turns out you’re liable.

General liability insurance for safety consultants can take care of these costs for you. Leaving you to get on with your work, knowing your business is safe.

  • Why do safety consultants need general liability insurance?

    Your clients will most likely expect you to have a general liability policy in place before you start work for them. But it’s good to have if you visit a client’s place of work, or they visit you. Because you can be sued even if an accident wasn’t your fault.

    Medical care costs are rising and if a claim goes to court and gets drawn out, you’re looking at legal bills of 5 or 6 figures. Without insurance, how will you cover that?

    General liability insurance protects your business from the cost of claims for:

    • Injury to a person
    • Damage to someone’s property
    • Personal injury (slander or libel)

    Even if a case is groundless a general liability policy can pay for medical bills, your legal fees and compensation, too, if you’re liable.

  • What does safety consultant general liability insurance cover?

    Bodily injury — A client visits your office to talk about a project needing your safety consultant’s expertise. As he leaves, he slips on your steps, breaking his ankle. A general liability policy can cover his medical costs and lost wages.

    Property damage — Carrying out a safety inspection at a client’s workplace, you knock over and break an antique vase. Your policy can cover the cost of replacing the vase, up to the limits of your liability.

    Personal injury — A client you’ve provided with safety recommendations accuses you of spreading a rumor about their senior management team. A general liability insurance policy can cover your defense costs and settlement, up to your liability limits.

    Click here for a full summary of what’s covered.

  • What other insurance does a safety consultant need?

    Professional liability insurance – general liability insurance doesn’t cover your professional services. And as a professional, clients can sue if you make a mistake. If that happens, professional liability insurance can pay for an attorney plus your legal fees and compensation, if you’re liable.

    Cyber liability insurance – If you use email, own a website, or store client data, cyber insurance is a must. It can’t stop a cyber-attack, but it can pay your recovery costs so your business recovers from one.

    Business personal property insurance – if you take equipment like laptops and mobiles to meetings, this policy is worth having. It also covers the portable stuff in your office - from your furniture to your potted plants.

    Workers’ compensation insurance – most states require you to have this policy even if you only have one employee. It’s good to have anyway. It protects your business from the cost of workplace illness and injury claims which can be crippling.

    Business owner’s policy – a bundle of the basic policies a business owner needs, a BOP, as it’s known for short, includes general liability, property, business interruption and cyber insurance. You can tailor it -- just add in what you need and take out what you don’t. It works out cheaper than buying the policies separately, too.

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