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Access professional legal advice whenever you need it, from attorneys who specialise in D&O law.

You can call, or email, as often as you like about D&O matters, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Business Judgment Rule
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cyber
  • Duty of Care
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Liability, Indemnification & Insurance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Self-dealing
  • Shareholder & Stakeholder Relationships
  • Succession Planning

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Online resource center

Free with our D&O policy is access to our online resource center.

Here you’ll find D&O specific content including best practice guidelines on:

  • Composition of board of directors
  • Document control
  • Employee benefits

Checklists to make sure your firm has policy statements for:

  • Antitrust compliance
  • Proper accounting
  • Political contributions
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Bribes/kickbacks
  • Misappropriation of company assets
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Harassment/discrimination/intimidation
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Executive duty of diligence
  • Executive duty of loyalty
  • Executive duty of obedience

Online training courses focussed on what directors and officers need to know

Emails to alert you to changes to D&O law.

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Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance

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D&O liability insurance

On-board cover

Decisions, decisions. Company directors make tough ones every day.

But what happens when someone doesn’t agree with a decision you made?

They can sue, that’s what.

Sure, that’s no problem if your pockets are deep. It’s really bad news if they’re not.

Because lawsuits mean big bucks. And the downside of being on the board?

The bucks stop with you.

  • Why do I need directors’ and officers’ insurance?

    Because corporate organizations are protected by other kinds of liability insurance. Individuals are not.

    And anyone can sue you for wrongdoing. It could be an investor, claiming you mismanaged their funds. Or an ex-employee with a grudge. It could even be a competitor.

    Being on the board of directors shouldn’t mean risking your home, or your life savings.

    Whether you run a private or non-profit organization, directors’ and officers’ insurance (D&O) protects your personal assets. Even if the claim’s groundless.

    If you’re personally sued, it can cover your defense costs, plus compensation, if you’re liable.

    How much are these costs likely to be? Here are a couple of real claims examples which will give you an idea:

    3 years after having bought a company, the buyer claims the seller misrepresented the company’s true financial condition and that a substantial amount of the company’s inventory was faulty.

    Settlement and defense costs exceeded $4 million

    Shareholders claim they were fraudulently induced to invest in a startup based on financial misrepresentation and failure to disclose a kick-back paid by the start-up to the financial advisor who brought the investment opportunity to them. The new company later went bankrupt.

    Settlement and defense costs exceeded $3 million.

  • What does D&O insurance cover?

    What’s covered can vary from policy to policy.

    But D&O generally protects three things: you, your business, and your personal assets, from claims of wrongdoing.

    Wrongdoing claims include:

    • Lack of, or poor, governance
    • Mismanagement of company funds
    • Underperformance (of stock, or the company)
    • Breach of duty, care, or company law
    • Failing to comply with rules and regulations
    • Making decisions without the right authority
    • Poor employment practices

    What D&O doesn’t cover is instances when the law’s been broken. Like a director deliberately committing fraud.

    Or, claims of wrongdoing made against the company as a whole.

  • What other kinds of insurance do I need?

    • General liability insurance – is for when you’re out and about on business or have visitors to your office. It protects your company from the cost of claims of physical damage to property and people, plus personal injury (slander/libel).
    • Errors and omissions insurance – if you offer a professional service, this is a must-have. It protects your firm from the cost of negligence claims. And your reputation from the damage they can do.
    • Business personal property insurance – covers the moveable things in your office - from your furniture to your potted plants. It also provides protection for your mobile devices (like your cell and laptop) when you’re out and about on business.
    • Workers’ compensation insurance – even if you only have one employee, most states require you to have this. But it’s good to have anyway. It protects your business from the cost of workplace injury claims. Which can financially crippling.
    • Employment practices liability insurance – protects you from the cost of claims brought for unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, discrimination and more.
    • Fiduciary liability insurance – protects your firm from the cost of claims the individuals looking after your employees’ welfare and retirement plans have mismanaged them.
    • Cyber liability insurance – It’s not the attack itself that’ll shut down your business, it’s the recovery costs. Cyber insurance can’t stop you being hacked. But it can take care of these costs, so your business survives.

    We can build an insurance package to suit your particular business needs. And it’ll just take a few minutes.

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