Directors' and officers' insurance for condominium associations

Professional coverage for your community

All night parties, kids with drum kits, other people's pets: there are many reasons why living in a condominium might not be domestic bliss.

Luckily, your local condominium association is there to keep an eye, and ear, on things. From keeping noise levels in check to making sure that faulty light is fixed, volunteering as a board member of your condominium association means you can make sure things are running the way you want them to.

However, individual board members could be found personally liable for any of the association's mishaps. Nothing kills community spirit quite like a lawsuit.

Directors' and officers' insurance for condominium associations helps to protect the personal assets of its board members. So, if you were unlucky enough to get sued, your insurance could cover defense costs, as well as pay out any damages if you were at fault, leaving you free to worry about the state of your community parking lot in peace.

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