Non profit directors' and officers' insurance for counseling centers

Coverage you can depend on

There are many things a good counseling center needs. You know that your service depends on skilled counsellors as well as a safe and welcoming environment.

However, running without the right insurance could put your counseling service at serious risk should liability claims arise. Like directors and officers of private businesses, if you're in charge of a counseling centre, you could be personally sued if something goes wrong. Chances are, your counseling centre would be unable to cover the costs, leaving you to pay for defense and damages out of your own pocket.

Directors' and officers' insurance for counseling centers could help protect your service, as well as your own assets. It covers the costs of defending yourself as well as paying for damages if you are in the wrong. Basically, it gives you the freedom to carry on with what matters most, your business.

Summary of coverage
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