Insurance for Transcribers

Coverage at your fingertips

Transcribers, captionists, speech-to-text providers—how many times have you spoken to an insurer and explained what you do, only to have them tell you they can’t cover you?

Well, now there’s no need for more false starts.

As an ATSP Member, we can get you coverage in no time with a policy that suits your needs.

What kinds of insurance do transcribers need?

  • General liability insurance

    Do you visit your clients? Do they come to your office?

    If the answer is “yes”, then you need general liability insurance.

    Say a client drops by your office to arrange some transcribing work and trips over a power cable, breaking their ankle.

    Yikes! Without insurance, you’ll have to pay their medical bills, and if they sue, you may be facing additional legal fees, as well.

    General liability insurance can cover these costs. It also protects you from damage to a client’s property, so you won’t stress if you accidently spill coffee on their brand-new laptop.

  • Business personal property

    Your ears and fingers aren’t the only tools of your trade. Without your laptop and software, how would you work? If your equipment gets lost, stolen, or damaged, it’s not just the expense of replacing or repairing it that can cost you big. Think about all those lost earnings.

    Business personal property insurance protects your office equipment when you’re out and about on business. It also protects your office—even if you work from home.

    You might want to add it to your general liability policy.

  • Professional liability insurance/errors and omissions

    Your attention to detail may be second to none, but speed is of the essence when you are transcribing, and mistakes sometimes happen.

    Not all states require you to have professional liability insurance, but it’s worth having if you plan on transcribing for professionals, like lawyers. If you make a mistake that costs them, they won’t think twice about suing you, and if you’re found liable, it could cost you big in legal fees and compensation.

    And what about your most valuable asset: your reputation? It’s hard-won and worth protecting.

    For a small transcribing agency, a simple mistake could even cost you your business. However, professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions) can protect your reputation and your business. If a claim is made against you—even if it isn’t your fault—your coverage can take care of legal fees, expenses, and damages.