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Don’t get burnt

Whether your truck’s at a food market, festival, or outside an office, you’re pretty popular when people need to feed.

But splash scalding coffee over a woman’s arm, or give a guy severe food poisoning, and next thing you know, you’re the one being served. With a suit.

Medical bills, damages – the defense fees alone could burn your business badly. General liability insurance protects your business. If a claim’s made against you – even if it’s groundless – it can take care of the costs.

So you can get out of the heat and back into the kitchen.

  • Why do food truck owners need general liability insurance?

    To protect your livelihood - and, importantly - your bank balance. A general liability policy ensures that if the worst happens, you’re covered.

    Adding business personal property insurance can cover your business property, supplies and equipment, too.

  • What does our food truck insurance cover?

    • Bodily injury – you spill hot soup over a customer, severely scalding their arm and making you legally liable for their injury.
    • Property damage – a fire in your food truck spreads, damaging a neighboring property.
    • Personal injury – an employee makes unkind remarks about a customer when their back’s turned. The customer overhears and sues for slander.
    • Loss or damage to your own property, or property in your care, custody and control, is not covered by this policy.

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