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Everything you need to know about small business risk


InsuranceBee's guide to small business risk. So your startup doesn't go down in flames.

Risk. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been talking about it a fair bit recently.

That’s because our survey of small business owners got us worried. From our research, it seems many SMB owners are simply unaware of the risks they face.

And when you put so much time, money and effort into building your business, why would you put it all on the line?

Business decisions come with risks attached

Thing is, pretty much every decision you make – whether it’s to take on a new hire, move premises, or launch a new product range – has an element of risk attached. And sometimes you’ve just got to take a risk if you want your business to grow.

But if a wrong decision lands you in hot water, as a small business, you’ll have fewer resources than the big corporates to deal with the fall-out. Which could just wipe you out completely.

Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if there was a handbook? You know, a really useful guide to the kind of risks small business owners face and how to deal with them.

And you know what’d be even better, we thought. Is if you could download that guide, so you could keep it handy to refer to.

Your guide to small business risk

Well here it is: our big guide to small business risk.

And guess what? It’s downloadable as a pdf, too.

An in-depth look at the different kinds of risk start-ups and SMBs face, it’s crammed with practical advice on how to meet the challenges head-on.  Plus, loads of insight from industry experts on all aspects of risk management.

You’ll find chapters on:

Risk planning

How to identify the major risks and prepare for them, with handy templates for risk assessment and recovery plans

Legal stuff

Sole proprietor, LLC or corporation? How to structure your business to best protect it, plus, why you need contracts and the importance of getting the right permits.


Common reasons the IRS charges penalties, how to minimize the risk of a fine, keep cash flowing and safeguard your finances


How to keep your business above board when you’re hiring or firing, keep your employees happy and handle them when they’re unhappy

Protecting your small business

How to be security smart when it comes to protecting your physical and intellectual property, as well as other people’s data and what coverages can help.

Picking up the pieces

What to do if the worst does happen, from lawsuits to PR faux pas.

Prevention is better than cure ­

How to avoid the risks that are avoidable, tips on record keeping, expectation-managing, health and safety and customer service

Useful resources

A whole lot of links to help you. Whether you need to find a lawyer, a tax expert, or short-term funding, get your head round copyright law, or deal with complaints on social media.

Oh, and it has lots of pictures. Because who says a guide to small business risk can’t be fun?

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