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Artisan contractors’ insurance

Protect your work, your bank balance and your reputation. Add artisan contractor insurance to your toolkit.

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Artisan contractors’ insurance

Protect your work, your bank balance and your reputation. Add artisan contractor insurance to your toolkit.

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Artisan contractor professional insurance

You’re an army of helping hands working with wood, wire, glass, pavers, platers, appliances and more. You put a shine on the places we live and work. But what happens if the shine rubs off and there’s a problem?

What if a client claims the parquet floor you laid isn’t level? Someone gets hurt tripping over your tools? Or a priceless vase topples as you brush past?

Luckily, broken glass doesn’t have to mean shattered revenue. Artisan contractor insurance can help you pick up the pieces.

What kind of insurance do artisan contractors need?

General liability insurance + optional BPP insurance

From $42 a month

For claims you damaged someone else’s property, or caused them injury (including slander or libel). Takes care of medical expenses, your legal defense and compensation, too, if you’re liable.

Add on business personal property (BPP) insurance to protect your tools and equipment on-site.

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Professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance

From $71 a month

If a client claims your work is faulty and it's cost them money, professional liability insurance can cover your legal costs and damages. Even if a claim is groundless.

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Buy general liability or professional liability insurance separately. Or, if you need both, buy them as a package. Fill out a short form and we’ll get back to you with our best quote in one working day.

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  • Why do artisan contractors need general liability insurance?

    Because even if an accident wasn’t your fault, you can still be sued. And that can be painful – for your wallet.

    If a case goes to court and gets drawn out, you’re looking at legal bills of 5, maybe even 6 figures. Then there’s compensation to pay, if you’re found at fault.

    Even if a case is groundless, general liability insurance for artisans can pay your legal bills and damages.

    So be crafty. Get covered.

  • What does artisan general liability insurance cover?

    • Bodily injury – a client trips over your power cable while you're working at their house, breaking their arm. Your coverage can pay their medical expenses.
    • Property damage – you're replacing internal doors at your customer's home and drop one, smashing a collection of antique figurines. Your coverage can pay for repairs or replacement.
    • Personal injury – you're overheard making a mean remark about a tricky customer. It gets back to them and they sue you for slander. Your coverage can pay for an attorney to defend you and compensation - if you're found liable.
  • Why do artisan contractors need professional liability insurance?

    General liability insurance doesn’t cover claims for work you’ve done or the services you provided. That’s what professional liability (or errors and omissions) insurance is for.

    If a client claims you made a mistake, or your work was faulty, and it cost them money it can pay your legal fees and compensation. Even if there are no grounds for the claim.

    And because customers can sue you whether you made a mistake or not, it’s a handy tool to have at your disposal. What’s more, as coverage can be retroactive, professional liability insurance can protect you from the cost of claims made over work you did in the past, too.

  • Which artisan services do we insure?

    • Air conditioning installation and repair
    • Appliance installation and repair
    • Cabling installation
    • Carpentry
    • Carpet, furniture and upholstery cleaning
    • Clock making and repair
    • Communications equipment installation
    • Door or window installation and repair
    • Driveway or sidewalk paving and repaving
    • Drywall or wallboard installation and repair
    • Electrical work
    • Fence installation and repair
    • Floor covering installation
    • Glass installation and repair
    • Handywork
    • Heating installation and repair
    • Home theater installation
    • Interior finishing
    • Locksmiths
    • Masonry work
    • Painting and decorating
    • Plastering and stucco work
    • Plumbing
    • Property preservation
    • Security system installation
    • Sign painting and lettering
    • Sound equipment installation
    • Tiling, stone, marble, mosaic or terrazzo work
    • Window cleaning
  • How much does our artisan contractor coverage cost?

    Our policies are designed for small businesses and start-ups. So there’ll be a price to suit your pocket even if you work solo.

    Our general liability insurance starts from $42 a month. Our professional liability policies from as low as $71 a month.

    But it’s worth bearing mind that the cost of your coverage will be affected by things like:

    • the size of your business
    • its location
    • the limits you choose.

    If you’ve been in business for years with no history of problems, your insurance will cost less than someone who’s just starting out. Or who’s had lots of claims in the past.

    And if you’re a one-man band who sticks to small projects, you’ll pay a lot less for artisan insurance than a major contractor with a big team.

    Choosing a higher deductible (the amount you’ll contribute towards the cost if there’s a claim) will reduce your premium. Just be sure you could actually afford to pay that amount if there’s a claim.

    Whatever the cost, there’s a package to suit your particular business needs. And payment options, too, so you can spread the cost to suit your budget.

What other kinds of insurance do artisan contractors need?

Business personal property insurance (BPP)

If you take equipment like laptops and mobiles to meetings, this policy is worth having. It also covers the portable stuff in your office - from your furniture to your potted plants.

More info

Cyber liability insurance

If you use email, own a website, or store client data, cyber insurance is a must. It can’t stop a cyber-attack, but it can pay your recovery costs so your business survives from one.

More info

Workers' compensation insurance

Most states require you to have this policy even if you only have one employee. It’s good to have anyway. It protects your business from the cost of workplace illness and injury claims which can be crippling.

More info

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