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Carpenters’ insurance

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Carpenters’ insurance

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Carpenter liability insurance

A carpenter without the right insurance is like a staircase without a handrail. Open to risk.

Saws, chisels…the tools of your trade are sharp. Sure, you’re careful. The point is, when you work on-site at your clients’, or they visit your workshop, you need more than gloves and eyewear to protect you.

What if a customer steps on a protruding nail and it pierces their foot? Or you drop your power drill, cracking a newly laid floor? Or your employee bad mouths a tricky client and it gets back to them?

You could find yourself on the sharp end of a lawsuit. And that could seriously sting.

  • Why do carpenters need general liability insurance?

    Because a claim can be made against you even if you’re not at fault.

    All it takes is one unhappy client to find yourself in a serious fix. And if a case goes to court and gets drawn out, you’re looking at legal fees of 5 or 6 figures. Damages, too, if you’re found liable.

    Without the right coverage, how will you cover that?

    General liability insurance is the support you want. When the chips are down, it can pick up medical expenses, legal fees and compensation.

    Even if the claim is groundless.

  • What does your carpenters’ general liability insurance cover?

    • Claims expenses and damages if you injure someone, or damage their property
    • Medical payments as a result of bodily injury in the course of your work, regardless of fault
    • Defense costs if you’re sued, even if you’re not at fault (including hiring you an attorney)
    • Claims expenses for libel and slander
  • What other kinds of insurance do carpenters need?

    Adding business personal property (BPP) insurance to your general liability policy gives you up to $25,000 of cover for your tools and equipment. Which could come in handy. Because when your tools are in transit, or with you on-site, there’s more risk they’ll get damaged. Or stolen. Or lost. And without them, how will you work?

    Workers’ compensation insurance protects your business from the cost of workplace injuries to staff. Of course, if you don’t have anyone working for you, you don’t need it.

    But the minute you hire your first employee, most states require you to have workers’ comp coverage. And that’s a good thing. Because if an accident happens to someone while they’re working for you, your insurance can cover their medical bills, lost wages and legal costs. It’ll protect you from a lawsuit, too – whoever’s at fault.

    Cyber liability insurance – you might not think you need this. But one-man bands and small businesses are just as likely to be targeted by cybercriminals as big corporates. Size doesn’t matter to hackers. They’ll hit the easy targets. And without tough cyber defenses, that’s you.

    Step up your cyber security. And arm yourself with a cyber policy. Because it’s not the attack that’ll wipe you out. It’s the massive cost of recovering from one. Cyber liability insurance can take care of these costs, so your business survives.

But because we understand every carpenter's business is different, we'll build an insurance package to suit your particular needs. In minutes.

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