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Real estate insurance

Even a minor slip-up can cause a major problem. Protect your work, your bank balance and your reputation with real estate insurance.

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Real estate insurance

Even a minor slip-up can cause a major problem. Protect your work, your bank balance and your reputation with real estate insurance.

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Insurance for real estate agents

Customers come through your doors hoping they’ll end up in their dream home. But if things go wrong you could end up in a nightmare.

Lawsuits are a drain. On your time, as well as your resources. So make a wise investment. Get your business protected with real estate agency insurance.

Then you can get back to making dreams a reality. One home at a time.

Essential cover for real estate agents

General liability insurance

From $30 a month

Takes care of medical expenses, your legal defense and compensation, too, if you're liable. Even if a claim is groundless.

Professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance

From $22.50 a month

If a client claims you've made a mistake and it's cost them, professional liability insurance can cover your legal costs and damages, if you're liable.

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Buy your insurance as a package. Or if it’s a single policy you’re after, we can provide that too.

  • Why do real estate agents need general liability insurance?

    Because accidents happen. And if someone trips on the stairs, or slips on a floor, it could lead to a claim that’ll see you in court. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

    Lawsuits can cost a lot. If a case goes to court and gets drawn out, you’re looking at legal bills of 5, maybe even 6 figures. Without insurance, how will you cover that?

    Even if a claim is groundless, general liability insurance can pay medical bills, hire you an attorney, and pick up your legal defense costs. It can take care of compensation, too, if it turns out you’re liable.

    So, why do you need general liability insurance? Because you don’t have bottomless cash reserves, you’re not a legal expert and you have a real estate business to run. Simple.

  • What does general liability insurance for real estate agents cover?

    So long as the claim’s filed in the United States, its territories, or Canada, general liability insurance covers claims for:

    • Third party bodily injury – a slip, trip, or fall can cost thousands in medical bills, even for injuries that seem to be minor.
    • Third party property damage – repairs, replacement, the costs can be huge. Your policy covers damage caused by you, and your full-time, or temporary, staff.
    • Personal injury – He said. She said. Whether anyone said anything at all, claims of slander or libel can seriously damage your reputation. And the defense costs can seriously dent your bank balance.
    • Advertising injury – whether it was your idea, or theirs, arguing it out in court will be expensive.

    There are often hidden costs involved with a claim against your business. Your general liability policy can take care of these, too. Including up to $250 a day for loss of earnings.

  • How much does general liability insurance cost for real estate agents

    Our general liability policies start at around $30 a month. But the cost of your coverage will be affected by things like your business’s size, its location, as well as the limits and deductibles you select.

    Whatever the cost, there’s a package to suit your particular business needs. And payment options, too, so you can spread the cost to fit your budget.

    As for what level of cover you want, you'll need to decide what's best for you. But it's always best to over-estimate. Lawyers' fees, compensation and court costs can mount up. So, imagine the worst-case scenario. Then pick a figure you can realistically afford.

  • Why do real estate agents need errors & omissions insurance?

    Rent or buy? City or suburbs? Apartment or condo? Just some of the many questions your clients ask. You’re the professional after all. So, when it comes to making their dream home a reality, your clients rely on your knowledge and skill.

    But if you make a mistake – it happens – and your client’s dream turns into a nightmare, you can be sued for professional negligence. In fact, as a professional you can be sued even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

    Even if a claim is groundless, errors and omissions insurance can take care of the costs of a legal claim. You’ll get a lawyer to defend you, your legal fees paid plus damages, too, if you’re found at fault.

    Errors and omissions insurance is also sometimes called professional liability insurance. But what’s in a name? All that matters is the policy does the same thing: protects your work, your reputation and your bank balance.

    A wise investment then? We think so.

  • What does real estate errors and omissions insurance cover?

    • Mistakes and omissions – whether you made them, or not
    • Claims against you – plus damages, if you’re at fault
    • Claims for work you’ve done in the past
    • Claims made against you worldwide – but they must be filed in the United States, a U.S. territory or Canada
    • Legal costs -- including hiring you a lawyer, if necessary
  • How much does errors and omissions insurance cost for real estate agents?

    Errors and omissions coverage typically starts at around $22.50 a month. But the cost varies, depending on:

    • The size of your real estate business
    • Your location
    • Your annual business income
    • The deductible you choose

    The higher your coverage limit (the amount your insurer will pay for a single claim or all claims during the policy period) the more your policy costs. So choose your limit carefully.

    Just remember that lawyers’ fees, compensation and court costs can go through the roof. Try to imagine the worst-case scenario, then pick a figure you can realistically afford.

    The higher your deductible (the amount you pay towards the cost of a claim) the lower the price of your policy. But make sure you could actually afford to pay that amount, if a claim is made.

    And remember there are payment options. So you can spread the cost of your policy to suit your budget.

What other kinds of insurance do real estate agents need?

Business personal property insurance

If you take equipment like laptops and mobiles to meetings, this policy is worth having. It also covers the portable stuff in your office - from your furniture to your potted plants.

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Cyber liability insurance

If you use email, own a website, or store client data, cyber insurance is a must. It can’t stop a cyber-attack, but it can pay your recovery costs so your business recovers from one.

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Workers' compensation insurance

Most states require you to have this policy even if you only have one employee. It’s good to have anyway. It protects your business from the cost of workplace illness and injury claims which can be crippling.

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Directors' and officers' insurance

D&O coverage protects you, your business, and your personal assets, from a wrongdoing claim. Even if it’s groundless. Because being on the board shouldn’t mean putting your savings and home at risk.

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