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Insurance for bookkeepers

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Insurance for bookkeepers

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Liability insurance for bookkeepers

When it’s their money in your hands, your clients expect accuracy. So if the books don’t balance, who do you think gets the credit?

If a client claims you made a mistake and it’s cost them, you’ve got to defend yourself. Your reputation’s at risk. And that’s your most valuable asset.

But legal fees, settlement figures… the numbers all add up. You could end up with a negative cash balance.

Protect your business with professional liability insurance. It’s a simple calculation.

  • Why do bookkeepers need professional liability insurance?

    Because being a bookkeeper makes you a professional. And that means you can be sued for negligence. Even if the claim’s groundless.

    Whether you made an error, or not. Professional liability insurance protects your business from the cost of a lawsuit. It can hire you an attorney and take care of your legal fees, plus compensation, if it’s due. It can cover work you’ve done in the past, too.

    Sometimes called errors and omissions insurance (or E&O) for bookkeepers it’s key. Without it, if you’re faced with a claim, you’ll have to find the money yourself. And, just like your clients, your cash is king.

  • What does professional liability insurance cover

    • Claims you made an error, or left something out, even if you didn’t
    • Claims you made a mistake in work you did in the past
    • Claims made worldwide, as long as they’re filed in the US, one of its states, or territories
    • Your legal expenses plus compensation, if you’re liable
    • Hiring an attorney, if you need one
  • What other types of insurance do bookkeepers need?

    Do you visit your clients? Do they come to you? You might think there’s little risk of accidents. But all it takes is a client tripping over a loose cable in your office, to find yourself facing a bodily injury claim. Ouch.

    General liability insurance can cover legal costs plus damages, if necessary. It can also protect your business from slander or libel claims.

    Business personal property (BPP) protects the things you use to run your business. Like mobile devices and laptops you take with you to visit clients. And office equipment from your printer to your potted plants – even if you run your business from home.

    Does anyone work for you? Even if you have only one employee, the law requires you have workers’ compensation insurance. If you don’t, you’ll pay penalties. But it’s coverage worth having anyway. Because the cost of workplace injuries can cripple your business.

    It’s not just the loss in production. Without insurance you’ll have to find the money for medical expenses, lost wages and legal costs, if you’re sued. Workers’ comp insurance can take care of these for you, no matter who’s at fault.

    Do you store client data? Use email. Run a website? If the answer’s yes, you’re a target for hackers. And as a sole trader or small business, you’re more likely to be attacked. Because your defenses are often weaker.

    To find out how good your security is, take a free cyber check-up now. And seriously, think about getting cyber cover, too. Because it’s not the cyber-attack itself that’ll kill your business. It’s the cost of recovering from one.

    Cyber liability insurance protects your cashflow, by taking care of those costs. Like penalty payments, restoring your systems, pr, plus defense costs if you get sued for losing client data.

    Your insurance needs are as unique as your bookkeeping business. We can tailor a package of products to suit you. In minutes.

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