About InsuranceBee

InsuranceBee – a service focused on providing coverage for independent consulting firms and freelance professionals

Independent consulting firms and freelance professionals have specific insurance needs seldom met or even understood by more traditional brokers.

We speak your language and we understand your business. We deliver quick, convenient and affordable coverage.

And we're committed to setting a new standard in arranging errors and omissions insurance for freelancers, independent consultants and small consulting firms.

Looking after number one – you!

Our advisors have your interests at heart - they're not distracted by the commission they might earn by selling you a policy because they're not paid commission. We're not a call center, and our advisors are not call center agents working from a script. Everyone you deal with is an individual who’s passed exams, and is qualified and licensed to do insurance business in your state.

That's why we give you their direct email address and phone number - you get to talk to the person you're used to dealing with.

We think this works best for you, the customer.

Why buy through InsuranceBee

What? InsuranceBee was formed to provide insurance services to small businesses, freelancers and independent contractors.

Who? We have a team of bright, dedicated and knowledgeable people who recognize that you want to buy the cover you need, quickly, conveniently, and affordably.

How? Our website contains all the information you could need to get to grips with your professional insurance.

Use it to request a quote, find out more about the cover we can arrange and the insurers we arrange it through.

If you prefer the personal touch, call our friendly advisor team on 978.344.4215 and go through everything over the phone. Either way, we only ask you questions relevant to your business and the coverage you need.

How refreshing.

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Call me on my direct line: 978.344.4220 or request a call back.