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Errors and omissions insurance for notaries

Witness protection

People trust you’ll do your duty. Honestly and accurately. And you do. You follow state notary laws to the letter.

But your witnessing needs protection. Because one small slip up while notarizing could lead to one big client claim. Putting your reputation on the dotted line. And maybe even your business.

Luckily, there’s coverage to protect you from claims resulting from an unintentional, professional mistake. Errors and omissions insurance for notaries public and signing agents.

It’s one thing you don’t need to be impartial about.

  • Why do notaries need errors and omissions insurance?

    Your notary bond protects your signers, not you.

    It guarantees that if someone loses money because of your misconduct, they’ll get it back. Up to the bond’s limit. Then you have to repay the bonding firm. And buy another bond.

    Errors and omissions insurance (E&O, for short) protects you. Even if a claim is groundless.

    If a customer claims you’ve been negligent, your E&O policy can hire you an attorney, cover your legal costs and damages, too, if you’re liable.

    You don’t have to repay the insurers. And you don’t have to replace the policy if a claim’s paid out. Just renew it annually, to keep your coverage in place.

  • What does E&O insurance for notaries cover?

    • Errors and omissions – whether actual, alleged, or in the past
    • Claims, and compensation if you’re found liable
    • Defense costs, including hiring an attorney, if you need one
    • Worldwide claims – as long as they’re filed in the U.S., a U.S. Territory, or Canada.

We can build a package to suit your particular needs.

And you’ll have your policy documents. Signed, sealed and delivered. In minutes.

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