General liability insurance for land surveyors

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Land surveyor insurance

Coverage that’s a site for sore eyes

Accidents happen, even on a vacant lot. A passerby could trip over your tripod. Or you could scratch his truck with a survey rod. You don’t need a compass to see which way this is pointing. Claims for injury or property damage can cost a lot.

General liability insurance for land surveyors can take care of these costs. Including medical bills, legal fees and compensation, too, if necessary.

  • Why do land surveyors need general liability insurance?

    Most of your work is on site. Which means you’re at risk of claims for property damage and bodily injury on a daily basis. To make matters worse, you can be sued even if you weren’t at fault.

    Medical care costs are on the up. And if a claim goes to court and gets drawn out, you’re looking at legal expenses of 5 or 6 figures. Without insurance, how will you cover that?

    General liability insurance protects your business from the financial damage caused by claims for:

    • Injury to a person
    • Damage to someone’s property
    • Personal injury (slander or libel)

    Even if a case is groundless a general liability policy can pay for medical bills, your legal fees and compensation, too, if you’re liable

    Leaving you to focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

  • What does land surveyor general liability insurance cover?

    • Medical expenses — A client trips over your surveying equipment and cuts herself. It’s bad -- she needs stitches. Your policy can pay up to $5,000 for medical expenses caused by the accident regardless of fault.
    • Property damage — Your survey done, you’re returning to your truck when you knock over and shatter an artisan window. Visibly upset, the property owner demands you replace it, fast. General liability insurance can pay for its replacement plus the cost of speedy delivery.
    • Personal injury — One of your employees is on a job site. He’s talking to the contractor when he makes a not-so-nice remark about one of your mutual clients. It gets back to the client, who sues your business for slander. Your policy can pay your defense fees and hire an attorney to defend you.
  • What other insurance policies do land surveyors need?

    • General liability insurance – General liability insurance doesn’t cover professional mistakes you make when you’re carrying out inspections. Even if a claim is groundless, professional liability insurance can pay your legal fees plus compensation, if you’re liable.
    • Cyber liability insurance – You’ll want cyber coverage if you use email, own a website, or store client data. It won’t stop an attack. But it can pay your recovery costs so your business survives one.
    • Business personal property insurance - from your furniture to your potted plants.
    • Workers’ compensation insurance – Even if you only have one employee most states require you to have workers’ comp insurance. But it’s a good policy to have anyway. It protects your business from the crippling cost of workplace illness and injury claims.
    • Business owner’s policy (BOP) – A bundle of the basic policies a business owner needs, a BOP includes general liability, property, business interruption and cyber insurance. Tailor it to your needs -- just add in what you want and take out what you don’t. It works out cheaper than buying the policies separately, too.

    But we can build an insurance package to suit your business. What’s more, it’ll only take a few minutes.