Non profit D&O insurance for homeowners associations

Protect your community spirit

It's good to know that your neighbors are looking out for you.

Homeowner associations help communities make decisions together that will benefit everyone in their neighborhood; it's easy to see why you'd want to get involved.

However, that position on your homeowner association board of directors might not seem like such a rewarding opportunity to help out your community, should liability claims strike. Whether it's a contractor suing you for a delay in his maintenance work on your community pool, or a fellow neighbor, who's not happy about the ban on his six-foot fence, lawsuits are impossible to predict.

As a board member, you could be personally sued, placing your assets at risk, and your personal life under strain. Not quite so neighborly.

Directors' and officers' insurance for homeowner associations helps to protect the assets of its board members, leaving you comfortably covered and free to get on with other things.

Summary of coverage
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