Professional Liability Insurance

Clients can sue you for negligence even when you've done nothing wrong.

Professional liability insurance covers your legal defense costs as well as damages if a client makes a claim against you.

Professional liability insurance. Errors and omissions by another name

Errors and Omissions Insurance is also known as professional liability insurance. You're covered against the financial consequences of either:

an error - something you did wrong

an omission - something you failed to do

So, if something does go wrong and a client makes a claim against you for damages, you'll need insurance to cover the legal costs of defending yourself, as well as the costs of any damages you may have to pay.

5 reasons why you should buy professional liability insurance

3 great reasons to buy through InsuranceBee

The right coverage

You're a professional. You're experienced. You're meticulous.

You expect the same attention and level of expertise from your insurance broker. And you need to know you've got the right coverage for your business.

A specialty broker for your specialty needs

At InsuranceBee, we specialize in providing service to businesses like yours - independent consultants, freelance professionals and consulting firms - people who have specific insurance needs not met by traditional insurance brokers.

As a specialist in your field, you need coverage that's been designed to meet the unique challenges faced by your occupation and we'll make sure you get it.

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