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Cosmetology insurance

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Cosmetology insurance

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Liability insurance for cosmetologists and beauticians

Make a mistake in the beauty business and the effects will be more than cosmetic. A negligence claim can scar your reputation. And leave your bank balance looking anything but pretty.

Cosmetology liability insurance protects you when things get ugly. If a customer claims you did something wrong, it pays your legal defense costs, medical bills, and damages too.

Whether you’re a salon owner, nail tech, barber, or hairstylist, beauty insurance is the treatment you want to keep your business account blooming. And your reputation blemish-free.

  • What does cosmetology insurance cover?

    Cosmetologist insurance can cover the cost of medical bills, legal fees and compensation if a client makes a claim against you for:

    • Emotional distress: accidentally leaving hair dye on too long causes scalp burns and damage to the hair itself. Your customer sues for emotional distress, bodily injury from the burns and lost wages because he was unable to return to work for several weeks
    • A treatment gone wrong: a facial severely irritates a customer’s skin causing a rash. Because of this she has to cancel a modeling job and seek treatment from her doctor. She sues you for loss of earnings and medical bills.
    • Loss of personal data: misplacing a file containing a customer’s personal information results in a lawsuit.
  • Who needs cosmetology insurance?

    If you rent a booth, or work out of premises you don’t own or rent (a salon, or spa for example) you’re required to have your own cosmetology liability insurance policy. But anyone in the beauty business needs insurance. Whether you’re a mobile beautician or hair stylist, you treat clients your own home, or salon

    Scissors, trimmers, wax and chemicals -- even in the safest hands, the tools of your trade can cause unintentional injury or allergic reaction. And the ugly truth is, a licensed cosmetologist can be sued even if they didn’t slip up

    Professional liability insurance for cosmetologists and beauticians is styled specifically for the kind of risks you face. It means you can get on with the business of making your customers look and feel their best, knowing your business is protected.

    It’s available for:

    • Beauticians
    • Barbers
    • Cosmetologists
    • Estheticians
    • Hairdressers
    • Nail technicians
    • Small salon owners
    • And more
  • What other types of insurance do cosmetologists need?

    • General liability insurance

      Customers coming into your salon, you do want. Customers slipping, or tripping, and falling in your salon, you don’t want. But accidents happen

      If a client slips in a puddle of water, or trips over a hairdryer lead, sprains an ankle and smashes their expensive new mobile phone, you could be liable.

      Medical bills, replacement costs, legal fees and compensation…ouch. Without a general liability policy to cover those for you, that’ll be painful.

    • Professional liability insurance

      As you charge customers for beauty treatments, if something goes wrong, your beauty salon can be sued.

      The cost of claims for emotional distress and physical injury can add up. You’re looking at legal fees, medical bills, and damages, too, if you’re found at fault. Professional liability insurance for beauty salons can cover these costs. Whether the customer has grounds for a claim, or not.

    • Workers’ compensation insurance

      If you have any employees – even if they’re part-time stylists or beauticians-- you need workers’ compensation insurance. Not just because it’s the law in most states, but because it protects you from workplace injury claims. Worker’s comp can pay for medical bills, legal fees and lost wages. It’ll also protect you from the cost of a lawsuit, no matter who’s at fault.

    • Cyber insurance

      Cyber insurance is must-have, because these days, everyone’s a target. And the cost of recovering from a cyber-attack? Let’s just say it’s enough to put a small beauty business out of business.

    If you’re reading this and seeing dollar signs, thinking, ‘that’s a lot of policies for one small beauty salon’, how about buying a business owner’s policy instead?

    A business owner’s policy (or BOP) bundles several policies into one. It’s cheaper than buying them all separately, and easier to manage too.

    Read more about what types of insurance a beauty salon needs on our blog. Or call us. We’re happy to talk you through your options and style a package to suit you.

  • I rent a booth/chair, what insurance do I need?

    Most salon owners who rent booths to independent beauty professionals, don’t provide insurance. Whether you’re a hair stylist, barber, nail tech or esthetician, you’ll be required to have your own.

    Your booth rental insurance should include the basics:

    • General liability insurance – to protect you from the cost of claims you caused damage to someone else’s property, or injury to someone.
    • Professional liability insurance – to protect you from the cost of medical bills, legal fees and compensation if a client claims for emotional distress, a treatment gone wrong, or personal data loss.

    But there are other policies you might want, like business personal property insurance. It covers your tools and equipment if they get lost, damaged or stolen.

    Read more about booth rental insurance on our blog. Or call us and we’ll talk you through your options

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