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Cleaning business insurance

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Cleaning business insurance

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Cleaning company insurance

As a professional cleaner or janitor, you keep your clients’ homes, offices and business premises sparkling. But all it takes is for someone to slip and fall on your freshly mopped floor to find your cleaning business facing a claim.

And without insurance for your cleaning service, it’s not just your reputation you’re risking. You’ll have to find the money for medical bills, legal fees, and damages too, if you’re liable. The cost of a claim like that might just clean you out.

Cleaning insurance can take care of these costs for you. It means if something goes wrong, your cleaning company liability insurance policy keeps your business safe. And your reputation spotless.

Think of janitorial cleaning insurance as protection -- like the gloves you wear when you’re handling hazardous material. When you know you’re protected, you don’t have to worry. You can focus on doing your job.

  • Why do cleaning professionals need general liability insurance?

    Property damage and slip and fall claims are by far the most common in the cleaning industry.

    So, as a cleaning professional, because you visit a client’s home, or business premises, you want a general liability policy. It can protect your business from the cost of claims for:

    • Bodily injury - a customer trips over your cleaning supplies when you’re cleaning her home and hurts her back, making you liable for the injury.
    • Property damage - you break a client's priceless vase while cleaning their office.
    • Slander/libel - you make some not-so-nice remarks about a customer while out for lunch with friends. They later find out about this and sue for slander.

    Without cleaning and janitorial general liability insurance you’ll have to cover the cost of a claim yourself. And they can cost. A lot.

    Click here for a full summary of what's covered.

    Loss or damage to your own property, or property in your care, custody and control, is not covered. You’ll want to add property insurance to your cleaning services insurance package to cover that. Scroll down to find out what other insurance you need.

    Download our fact sheet to find out how to minimize the risk of claims being made against your cleaning or janitorial business today.

  • How much does cleaning company insurance cost?

    Our general liability insurance policies for cleaners and janitors start from as little as $500 per year.

    But you don’t have to pay this all at once. To help you manage your cashflow, our monthly payment plans let you pay your janitorial liability insurance premium in instalments. For no extra fees.

    Your budget — your way.

  • What other insurance do I need for my cleaning business?

    There are various types of cleaning insurance policies we recommend. Exactly which ones you’ll need depends on the way your cleaning or janitorial business is structured, the equipment you use and if you have employees.

    For example, general liability insurance for cleaners and janitors doesn’t cover claims for damage to your own property.

    Business personal property (BPP) gives you up to $25,000 of cover for your cleaning equipment.Which could come in handy if you use your own equipment to clean clients’ homes or offices. Because when your equipment’s in transit, or with you on-site, there’s more risk it’ll get damaged, lost, or stolen. And without it, how will you work?

    Workers’ compensation insurance protects your cleaning business from the cost of workplace injuries to staff. Most states require you to have workers’ comp the minute you hire your first employee. And that’s a good thing. Because if an accident happens to someone while they’re working for you, your insurance can cover their medical bills, lost wages and legal costs. It can protect you from a lawsuit, too – whoever’s at fault.

    Employment practices liability insurance can cover the cost of claims brought by employees of your cleaning company for employment-related issues. Including: unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, discrimination. It’s a good policy to have, because nowadays workers know their rights.

    Cyber insurance – you might think you don’t need this coverage. But if you store client data, your small cleaning company is just as likely to be targeted by cybercriminals as a big corporate. Size doesn’t matter to hackers. They go for the soft targets. And without tough cyber defenses, that’s you.

    So step up your cyber security and protect your cleaning business with a cyber policy. Because it’s not the attack that’ll wipe you out, its the huge cost of recovering from one. Cyber liability insurance can take care of these costs, so your cleaning service survives.

But because we understand every janitorial and cleaning business is different, we'll build an insurance package to suit your particular needs. And it only takes a couple of minutes.

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