General liability insurance for janitors and cleaners

General liability insurance for janitors and cleaners

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Secure your business

Your clients have high standards. They expect a safe pair of hands, and a spotless reputation.

They're relying on you to make sure their premises are clean and fully functioning. It can be a tough job, but the service you provide is vital.

However, accidents can happen to even the most careful janitors and cleaners. Someone could slip on the floor you've just cleaned, hurting their back, or you could knock over and break a clients' expensive vase.

Cleaning and janitorial General Liability Insurance can help protect your business. If something goes wrong, and somebody sustains an injury or property damage, your coverage can pay for your legal defense and any compensation you’re liable for.

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General liability insurance made easy

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  • From as little as $500 – saving you money.
  • Customized to your profession – coverage as unique as your business.
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  • Free additional insureds – show you're professional and reliable.

What is general liability insurance?

  • It's protection for your business against the cost of any claims made by a client for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury.
  • It's what you need if you often visit clients' place of work or home.
  • You'll also need it if you work from home and have client's over, or if you use third party locations for business activities.

What am I covered for?

  • Bodily injury - while cleaning their home, a customer trips over your cleaning supplies and hurts their back, making you liable for the injury.
  • Property damage - you break a client's lamp while cleaning their office.
  • Personal injury - you make some disparaging remarks about a customer while out for lunch with friends. They later find out about this and sue for slander.

Loss or damage to your own property or property in your care, custody and control is not covered by this policy.

Click here for a full summary of what you're covered for.

Download our fact sheet to find out how to minimize the risk of claims being made against your cleaning or janitorial business today.

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